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(Review: Nov 17 - Los Angeles)

Paul F. Tompkins opened the show with some funny stuff. "Ok everyone, let's talk about some serious issues. Abortion. Do you love it or do you hate it?" Next up was Mr. Show. They did a fun little intro where Bob & David talked and then went into some skits. The funniest one was the grain of sand bit, and they added some funny dialog that I hadn't seen in Hurray For America. They also did the talkshow in a boat, the rapist priest down the hole, the prisoner who "Isn't proud, but isn't really unproud", the Satanic tv network with the lazy wheelchair guy, and the confusing audition with the chair, which was amazing. Mr. Show were brilliant, as expected.

After Mr. Show, Janeane Garofalo came on and did about a half an hour of standup. She was hilarious in her rant about the Charlie's Angels movie and Drew Barrymore specifically. Also great stuff about her stinky feet, parents who have kids just because they thought of a catchy name, and a giant fireball destroying every hipster club in Los Angeles. Very funny stuff from J.G.

There was a fifteen minute intermission between Janeane and Triumph The Insult Dog. In the middle of Triumph's bit, during which the set looked like an old time puppet show, he brought out Robert Wuhl, the star of the HBO show Arli$$, and made fun of him. Triumph joked about Janeane's weight, Mr. Show getting cancelled from HBO, and sang a song with Garofalo and one of the Kids In The Hall that had the chorus of "Cats are Cunts". Triumph and Cabbage Head also did a bit about how modern comedy sucks, and sang a song with the chorus of "You gotta go blue" where each punch line was unrelated to the joke and had to do with sucking cock or something equally bombastic. Triumph was much funnier than expected.

Finally, the Kids in the Hall came out and the crowd went crazy. Their first bit was the classic one where they're playing poker and wishing they had breasts, a period, and other womanly stuff. Then Scott Thompson did a witty monologue They did a skit where they work at a record store and the skit is actually about Doors fans, but they make fun of some current bands including Sum 41, The White Stripes, and Nickleback. Very funny. There were several other skits including one with Mark McKinney, Kevin McDonald, Dave Foley, and Scott Thompsom where two of them end up fucking on a table in the middle of the stage. It was brilliant and the crowd loved it. They did a skit of a play called "A Place To Sit" by Zeppo Pinter. It was strange and eventually interrupted by another skit where they took an female audience member back stage to meet Dave Foley. The other skit (on stage) continued on in silence while the offstage skit progressed. Eventually the two skits came together and one of the Kids threw water on the other and then the skits diverged again. It's much funnier than it sounds. Bruce McCulloch came out and a did a song called "These are the Dave's I know" where he talked about all the Dave's he knows. Hilarious.

Eventually the Kids finished and the whole cast from all of the nights performances came out and sang a song in chorus line fashion where the main lyric was "Laughter is the final solution" - complete with a picture of Hitler in the background. During this grand finale, Bob Odenkirk led the singing while dressed up as Satan. After the singing, Bob & Dave said a few final words and the curtains went down.

After the show, there was a cast party upstairs at the Wiltern, where everyone from the show and some of the audience members and press and whoever else drank, ate, and chatted. It was a great time, very funny, and a wonderful benefit for several autism treatment and case facilities. A+

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